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301 - Ruth Magnusson Davis on Illuminate The Shadowlands Podcast with The Christian Nomad

Despite spending countless hours in church, or even years in seminary, most Christians don’t know the fascinating origin of their King James Bible, or who died for it. People love the beautiful prose of the King James Bible, but few realize that it is largely drawn from an unknown version, the Matthew Bible, published in the previous century. says the Matthew Bible is the best kept secret in Christendom. They did not want any Bible other than the Latin Vulgate. Harsh laws made translating the Bible punishable by death, and both William Tyndale and John Rogers were burned at the stake. 
Ruth Magnusson Davis is a retired lawyer and a student of early modern English and the Reformation. In 2009 she founded the New Matthew Bible Project, dedicated to updating the Matthew Bible for today. She began with the New Testament and published it as “The October Testament” in 2016.

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Ruth Magnusson Davis, Author

Author of The New Matthews Bible Project, The October Testament, and The Story of the Matthew Bible: That Which We First Received
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