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304 - Joshua Shea on Illuminate The Shadowlands Podcast with The Christian Nomad

Our guest is Joshua
Shea, he is the father of two children, husband to a wonderful wife,
and a Recovering Addict. Joshua Shea lived a pretty normal and
successful life in Central Maine, working as a successful magazine
publisher, Film Festival founder, and eventually city council member.
But he was hiding something, something at first he, himself, didn't
even know he had: some mental health issues, and growing addictions
to pornography and alcohol. In 2014 his life changed when he was
charged with a crime. Since that time he came to realize his issues,
and with several years of sobriety under his belt he now works as an
author and speaker on Pornography Addiction. He wrote the book on his
pornography addiction available on Amazon Kindle. And speaks on the
topic of addiction, both alcohol and porn, but also the connection to
mental health. And how to address their predictions before they
devolve into unhealthy or even criminal activity. While he is not a
medical expert or a mental health professional, he is not trying to
replace any of those, he like most who have went through the recovery
process understands the issues better than most non-addicts. And
while he may not be a medical professional, he is not trying to be.
He is trying to bring information and shine light on addictions of
all sorts, and specifically on that is so pervasive.  

Illuminate The Shadowlands Podcast 
Episode 304
Hosted by The Christian Nomad
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Guest Info:

Joshua Shea

Latest Book:

The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About: 
How I Let My Pornography Addiction Hurt People and Destroy Relationships

Porn Addiction 101:


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