"I'm the Daddy!" A Video Game Podcast


"I'm the Daddy!" A Video Game Podcast is a fortnightly show for fathers who are gamers and for gamers who aren't fathers. Hosts Bleeders, Jamin, Mitchell and Smithstock welcome you to this little haven of gaming, where we skip the light fantastic and chat about a treasured activity.

"I'm the Daddy!" A Video Game Podcast navigateright Episode

#3 - Creepy Hallucinating Room

On this "Game Of The Year" episode, Mitchell has a cold. Smithstock has a change of heart. Jamin rages at a themed-level and Bleeders starts to warm to an old foe. Meanwhile, the lads go through their respective 2014 picks. Games featured: PixelJunk Shooter, Titanfall, Hearthstone, The Last of Us, FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and WatchDogs.