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Ep. 10 - What's my story?

I never go by the rules, so I kept this episode in the back of my mind for a while. Don't ask me why I choose to share it precisely today, as I have no particular reason.

In short, today you will learn a small part of my life story and hopefully you will understand why I am madly in love with storytelling and with helping people to write their own stories. You will learn a bit about other things I can do besides writing, including my huge passion for singing.

Thank you for tuning in, as always, and I appreciate you sharing this story and for leaving me a review on iTunes if you enjoyed it and would like to help me grow. Also, starting today, this show also has a company page on LinkedIn and I would appreciate you following it :) -

See you on Thursday, with a new episode from the bonus series with Rahila Khan.

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