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EduFuturists #84 - Beyond Grades with Matt Lees

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On today’s episode we are delighted to be joined by Matt Lees from East Education. Matt went to a 2000 student state school in Lymm near Warrington which he describes as very average - they had barely any extra curricular really and not much support beyond subjects - mix of amazing teachers and not so amazing. He managed to get into Oxford University against his school’s advice to study Chemistry with German.

Matt admits that he struggled a little academically and socially in the first instance but sorted himself out by 3rd year! However, he loved chemistry and process, and loved being with people. He received a letter from a company called Newton Europe asking if he wanted to go and work as a consultant making submarines and trains, whilst driving a nice car. His other option was joining the Teachfirst programme. He ended up getting an offer to go and teach for a term at Cranleigh school in Surrey (independent boarding for 6 months - then 6 months backpacking, and would make his decision after that!

He didn’t go back to teaching although he admits he loved it and always knew that after working in industry, he would bring that experience back to the education sector. Matt worked as a chemical engineer to get more experience and then was about the 30th person to join Newton. He spent a decade working his way across many industries helping to improve the processes required to deliver a successful product. It was from this that he founded what has become to be known as East Learning, which you can find out about at