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Welcome! This is Insane Government on Blog Talk Radio. Beware that we have a HD stream on our main website,, and it is free to listen to! We dont pay a lot for it for nothing, so listen to the HD Stream when you can, and hear the difference! Insane Government is a nationally syndicated political talk show and unlike any other political talk show you've ever heard. Where most shows simply go along with the bureaucrats in power, Insane Government boldly challenges the status quo and provides governmental and economic solutions based on the free market and the philosophy of liberty. Created and run by a teenager, Insane Government boasts a youthful and fresh look on the issues of today and exposes the true insanity of our political system.


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Title: Insane Government (ep.11)

Mitt/ Paul race in NH?/ No A-Bomb to be made from the DoD

January 10th, 2012

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Beating B.O like Beating the Nazis?/ Newt leaning Left?

January 9th, 2012

*** For all listeners, to get great quality, please listen off our website at! It is clear, easy to listen, and fast.*** While Newt's… Go to Episode

Newt Dropping Out?GOP WIN in '12? with guest Bill Yarbrough

December 21st, 2011

Is it the end for Newt Gingrich? What comes next for North Korea? Will there be a GOP landslide in 2012? Find out when you tune in to Insane Government… Go to Episode

Iowa Showdown!/Ted Roosevelt and Obama Alike? on IG

December 20th, 2011

*UPDATE: 1 HOUR ONLY LIVE* The Battle for Iowa continues with Newt beginning to fight back harder than ever. Meanwhile, Romney claims that Obama and Teddy… Go to Episode