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Inside ADHD is ADHDFamilies' official blog/podcast that provides parents with current research about ADHD and strategies for helping their children. is a resource website for parents of children who have ADHD. All of the resources have been evaluated by experts in the field of ADHD, so parents can feel confident that they are receiving trustworthy information.


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Welcome to Brain Child!

Hello everyone! I’m Krista Forand, registered psychologist at CanLearn Society, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m excited to announce that we are starting a new podcast project coming this November 2018, called Brain Child. This new podcast will not only focus on topics relevant to ADHD, but also learning disabilities, Autism, child development and mental health. This year, I have the great pleasure to interview researchers from the Owerko Centre, here in Calgary, about the work they are doing related to the topics I just mentioned. So with this transition, the Inside ADHD podcast will come to an end to make room for Brain Child. But don’t worry, you can still access Inside ADHD episodes through the CanLearn website ( and through your favourite podcast player, such as iTunes. The ADHD Families team wants to thank all of its listeners for tuning in during the past 2 years and we hope that you will join us at our new podcast: Brain Child. To stay connected, visit, subscribe to Brain Child in iTunes or your favourite podcast player and follow Brain Child on Twitter. See you in November for our first episode!