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Inside the Spa Business takes you on a journey beyond the aromatherapy oils and plush linens, into a world of business realities. Each week, we'll bring you information, advice and insights on every aspect of the spa and wellness industry. Whether you want to learn about spa & wellness business models, hotel and spa management courses, spa therapist education, training and recruitment, skincare products and their place in spas, wellness trends, spa and wellness industry research, spa conferences and events, marketing ideas and solutions for your spa and wellness business or simply sourcing spa equipment and supplies, this is the podcast for you. Join us on our mission to Fight the Fluff! #FightTheFluff!


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Title: Should The Wet Areas Be Charged To The Spa P&L? #604

Is This The Next Killer Feature For Group Chat? #598

July 21st, 2019

Group Chats, for some, are a key part of their social media & communications activities. But what if you want to call any one person in your group chat?… Go to Episode

People Buy From People - Eventually #595

July 18th, 2019

There's an old adage in Sales that 'People Buy From People'. So the goal of a good salesperson is to establish a rapport with their potential customers.… Go to Episode

What’s The Difference Between Wellness & Well-being? #596

July 19th, 2019

Is there really a difference between Wellness and Well-being? Honestly, I’m not really sure that there needs to be. But according to Global VP of Well-Being… Go to Episode

Best Benchmark To Estimate Construction Cost of Your Hotel Spa #593

July 16th, 2019

Most seasoned hoteliers have a pretty good idea of the Per Room Construction Cost of a Hotel. But many have no idea when it comes to the same for their… Go to Episode