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Welcome to our Insight Matters - Inspiring Change in Self and Society podcast!

Dil and Anne Marie are the Co-Founders of Insight Matters and with a team of 55 therapists they support the mental health of over 400 clients per week through their two city centre practices in Dublin. The support services are affordable, inclusive and accessible. Since its inception, it has been Dil's and Anne Marie's vision to make Insight Matters a national service.

Dil and Anne Marie have been through their own mental health journey and grappled with depression, anxiety, eating distress, sexual abuse, sexual identity, homophobia and discrimination. Coincidentally in 2006, before they met, they both reached out for help, Anne Marie became an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital and Dil started attending counselling in a centre for sexual abuse survivors. Both Dil and Anne Marie discovered their passion for mental health and 4 years later they met at a mental health retreat. Since then they have become passionate mental health advocates and they hope to raise awareness, break down stigma and inspire change in self and soceity.

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#1 | Mental Health at Christmas

In this first episode of the Insight Matters podcast,
Dil and Anne Marie discuss mental health at Christmas time from the
point of view of the client and the therapist.

They discuss
problems that Christmas can create for people: the conflict between
people's image of a perfect Christmas versus what actually happens, and
the stress that this can cause, as well as the importance of being kind
to yourself.

Anne Marie emphasises the importance of being able to
switch off and taking a long break over Christmas as a therapist; while
Dil encourages us to not put any pressure on ourselves to join in
Christmas traditions, such as shopping, and excessive eating and
drinking, if we don't want to.

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