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Welcome to our Insight Matters - Inspiring Change in Self and Society podcast!

Dil and Anne Marie are the Co-Founders of Insight Matters and with a team of 55 therapists they support the mental health of over 400 clients per week through their two city centre practices in Dublin. The support services are affordable, inclusive and accessible. Since its inception, it has been Dil's and Anne Marie's vision to make Insight Matters a national service.

Dil and Anne Marie have been through their own mental health journey and grappled with depression, anxiety, eating distress, sexual abuse, sexual identity, homophobia and discrimination. Coincidentally in 2006, before they met, they both reached out for help, Anne Marie became an in-patient in a psychiatric hospital and Dil started attending counselling in a centre for sexual abuse survivors. Both Dil and Anne Marie discovered their passion for mental health and 4 years later they met at a mental health retreat. Since then they have become passionate mental health advocates and they hope to raise awareness, break down stigma and inspire change in self and soceity.

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#6 | The Transgender Community with Dermot Mc Carthy and Philippa Ryder

Today, we want to give
space to the issues that arise for our Transgender community. We have spoken
before about Trans Rights, so today we want to focus on where we are at now in
2019 and how we can move forward into 2020 to make a positive change.

In today’s episode, Dil and
Anne Marie are joined by Dermot McCarthy and the awe-inspiring Philippa Ryder.
Dermot is a psychotherapist and part of the Insight Matters team. He works with
people in the Transgender community, and is an activist and all round superstar
in our eyes. Philippa – an LGBT activist and sports advocate – was previously
the Chair of TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland), was an active
participant in the Repeal campaign, and she also won a silver medal in last
year’s Gay Games in Paris, at age 57!

In this episode, Dil, Anne
Marie, Dermot and Philippa discuss the Gay Games, the importance and mentality
of exercise, the importance of being able to talk to a therapist as a trans
person, as well as what works and what can be improved in regards to Ireland’s
transgender rights. They also discuss the need for more in-depth teaching about
sexuality and gender with regard to psychotherapy training, and the fear around
what others may think of the gender transition, and the transphobia that takes
place within sport.

Also in this episode,
Philippa tells of her experience in therapy and identifying as a trans woman
for the first time, and Dermot tells of his first experience with a trans
client as a therapist, and the group discuss what can be done to continue the
advancement of rights and attitude towards trans people in Ireland, and
worldwide. Be sure to check out The This Is Me

National Grassroots Campaign to improve
transgender healthcare in Ireland
on Facebook and Twitter.

in touch with Dermot on his website,

check out Philippa’s current project,
Sporting Pride, and also look out for her upcoming book that
chronicles her gender transition.

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