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03/16 Grace n Peace unto You! Thank you sooo much for stopping by or becoming a regular listener/Friend(almost 600)of "It's Your Time Now" Radio University! Wow it's now 2015. These are my archive shows. I dominated on Saturday mornings. I will be coming to conventional Radio as well as here this year. Excited to take you with me!

Mission Statement: "It's Your Time Now" Radio University is a platform committed to the higher learning educational & enlightenment process of societal issues thus encouraging[The Harmonic Wealth]Empowerment Principals(spiritual, financial, physical, social & intellectual/emotional properties all flowing together)with an edgy, fun & motivating twist that brings clarity in assisting you in fufiling YOUR desires, dreams & destiny therefore ultimately concluding..."What Time Is It?! It's YOUR Time NOW!" God Bless Ya! (((^_^)))


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Title: From the Poorhouse to the Whitehouse-Barak Obama & what MY show brings4YOU! Click here2rate show!!!

From the Poorhouse to the Whitehouse-Barak Obama & what MY show brings4YOU! Click here2rate show!!!

June 14th, 2008

My FIRST DEBUT SHOW! {{{Over 500 downloads2date!}}}We discussed the various segments you get when listening to this SHOW and what it brings to the table… Go to Episode

Part2 Poorhouse2Whitehouse & Shout Out's 2my Friend's here on BTR! Click here to rate show!!!

June 28th, 2008

Show starts 30secs from clicking link. {{{Over 250 downloads2date}}} From the Poorhouse to the Whitehouse-Obama & Wife! Obama & Hillary campaigning together!… Go to Episode

July WELCOME PROMO! MONEY PROMO! FREE GIFT! Click here for details & rate this promo...

July 4th, 2008

FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS! How is YOUR MONEY TALKING?! Mmm...This is our July Promo for YOU! Listen to this FIRST and then go to any of the other shows! I'm… Go to Episode

Pt3of2&1Democrats ARE going2WIN! Pt2 of Shout-outs2Friend's here. Click here2rate show...

July 5th, 2008

Barak Obama & everything with it in the week-I got a little RAW this time! I explained why The Republicans are NOT going to win this election! [email protected],… Go to Episode