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The Joyful Doctor, Dr Caroline Walker, interviews a host of inspiring doctors from around the world.

Listen in for inspiration and amazing tips on how you can be more joyful - whether you work in medicine or not!

You'll hear stories of triumph and disaster, courage and vulnerability, despair and joy... with a healthy dose of realism and medical life experience thrown in - enjoy!

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COVID-19 and Parenting as a Doctor - Dr Vica Khromova

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Joyful Doctor Podcast

In this episode, Caroline starts off a special series of COVID-19 podcasts aimed at supporting doctors through these exceptionally challenging times.  With schools closing across the world this first episode explores the challenges for doctor parenting through COVID in the weeks and months to come.  Caroline chats with the Dr Vica Khromova - Child Psychiatrist, Parent Coach and Founder of Emerging Parent - giving top tips on parenting for different ages in challenging times.