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Jump Start Cinema, presented by NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA), discusses "must see" cinematic classics as well as emerging voices that are Official Selections of the NFMLA Monthly Film Festival. Each podcast features a conversation with the filmmaker(s) behind the selected "must see" NFMLA film. To find out more about NFMLA, please visit www.nfmla.org .

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Episode Seven

Co-hosts Paloma Bennett (film scholar) and Varda Bar-Kar(filmmaker and co-chair of NFMLA) interviewed New York-based filmmaker Erin Doyle Cooper who directed and wrote March's NFMLA "must see" short  film "Believe Her." The classic "must see" film for March was Sweetie directed by Jane Campion starring Genevieve Lemon, Karen Colston, Tom Lycos, and Jon Darling. To find out more info about the NFMLA's March Screening go to www.nfmla.org/events.