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A non-technical perspective on Jyotish (Indian astrology) presented through conversations with leading practitioners of this ancient art. We are not giving jyotish lessons, but rather attempting to show what is possible to know through Jyotish, what Jyotish can teach us about ourselves and the world, how Jyotish works, and how it relates to the great vedic tradition of ancient India. Listening to these podcasts will inspire you to learn more and will help to make a reading of your individual chart more meaningful and profound.


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Title: #11-Karma Part 2

#11-Karma Part 2

August 29th, 2008

Penny Farrow continues her discussion of karma and how it is integrated into the various limbs of Jyotish Go to Episode

#1-The Value of Tradition

August 29th, 2008

What is meant by sampradaya and why do traditions matter? The role of tradition in preserving knowledge and Jyotish as a "Vedanga" Go to Episode

#10-The Role of Divisional Charts

August 29th, 2008

The birth chart can be further divided in order to give a deeper look at specific areas of life. Go to Episode

#19-Planetary Strength

August 29th, 2008

We look at what makes a planet strong in a jyotish chart Go to Episode