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RSN’s KidneyTalk™ is an informative, inspirational, and entertaining online, half-hour radio talk show that launched in June of 2006 with host RSN Founder & President Lori Hartwell.

With Lori Hartwell’s, a renal disease survivor since 1958, KidneyTalk™ provides the audience with practical advice on how to live a full and productive life despite CKD. The show features healthcare professionals and people living successfully with kidney disease who share personal experiences in inspirational, thought-provoking interviews.


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7/23/2019 - Having a Baby on Dialysis

Women with chronic kidney disease, a transplant, and particularly those on dialysis, have many factors to consider to ensure the successful birth of a child. Dr. Madeleine Pahl, a nephrologist at the University of California, Irvine, discusses what she has learned over the years while caring for her patients who choose to have children. Listen in as she explains the maternal and fetal problems that can occur, and the advances that have been made. She tells you what to expect, and explains what you can do to increase your chances of having a healthy, happy bundle of joy.