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Episode 312 – Sin of Omission – Tom Donnan pt 2

Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to welcome you to another DUAL BROADCAST of the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast and we have something very special lined up for you today… Today’s guest is author, intercessor, prophet, prayer warrior and speaker, our good friend, Tom Donnan, is back with us on the other line. Tom Donnan has encountered thousands of Christians and ministries who struggle with evil disruptions in their lives. As he has prayed with them, he's seen the Holy Spirit move powerfully in their lives. People have experienced God in new ways and have a fresh desire for more of His presence. Yet, today, many Christians are wary of any manifestation of God's power. I’ll let Tom give his bio, instead of me reading it… I want to just say something about today’s subject, which is the “Sin of Omission.” We all know somebody (and you can see politicians do this all the time) – where they only tell “half the truth.”  Somebody might ask them, “Did you know this was going on?” And their answer will be, “I did not know personally that this was going on.” In other words, they had knowledge it was happening, but “don’t blame me” – I was not promoting (whatever it was) that was going on.”  Half truths… So, with that, help me welcome back to the program, Tom Donnan! Tom, first, welcome back…now, before we get started, tell our listeners, “Who is Tom Donnan?” Ok…The sin of omission – tell us why this is so important today? The Sin of Omission: Knowing what is right based on our moral conscience (Christian Morals) and not taking any actions to counteract it. How can inaction be a sin? What is spiritual life? Give example of what happen in Moravian falls conference. Pastor Bob talks about Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumerall, Scott Webb and the anointing Pastor Bob received…and the confirmation of the anointing he has received. CONTACT INFORMATION: Amazon: Tom Donnan Facebook: Healing The Nation Ministries Email: [email protected]