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K WAVe 6 Radio as a podcast station is here to provide interviews and information mostly on people who are making a difference in our world. The difference we speak of is, in a general sense, how to make the world a better place to live, not only for ourselves, but for those who follow us, such as our children and their children.

The "Baby-Boomer" generation already has the title of being the most selfish generation yet, so how can those of us who actually care make changes so future generations will look back and see this as the time the tide changed? We hope to be a part of that change here in K WAVe 6 Radio.

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K WAVe 6 Radio - Podcast's Unlimited navigateright Episode

Manipulations and Responsibilties, Part 1

Do you like to be
manipulated? Do you always know when you're being manipulated?

My guess is, unless you
enjoy dominatrix role playing in your everyday life, you really don't
like being manipulated: yet each and every day, we're manipulated.
Many of us have learned to accept it and call it conformity by
saying, “Let those in charge (with assumed authority –
governments, clergy, etc.) run things,”

We the people have
relinquished our authority and unwittingly become the sheep which is
being led to the slaughter. Those who are administrators have become
the tyrants with our permission. So I ask you; does it feel good
living without a voice in your future? Does it feel good to live
without responsibility?

If your answers are NO!
Listen, then act.