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LaineyGossip has gone audible! Lainey and Sasha sit down to discuss relationships, love, sex, work drama, best friends, former friends, and other life issues in this podcast format of Sasha's previously written "Sasha Answers" column on, one of the web's most widely read Entertainment Gossip websites.


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Anna Wintour's Coffee Breath & a Constant Bailer

We kick off Season 5 with the breakdown of our one-on-one interview with Anna Wintour. This is the first time that Lainey and I have actually talked about it since it happened 6 weeks ago. So we hope you enjoy our detailed thoughts as well as the fear that still remains in our souls. Then we get into your questions! What to do if you suspect your husband is being well, suspect - do you trust your gut or logic? Then finally, we get to a writer who doesn't know how to confront her friend who always bails on plans. 

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