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Join Chicago attorney Dave Scriven-Young on a daily journey to discover key principles in the areas of marketing, sales (particularly closing) and leadership. A big challenge for law firm attorneys is that their work is driven (mostly) by the billable hour. If lawyers do not have enough clients of their own to fill up the day and to employ a few associates, the lawyers' lifestyle and career are up to the whims of someone else. That person has all the cards and can live the lifestyle that most people dream of.


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229: Your "Why" for Being a Lawyer is the First Pillar Upon Which You Will Build Your Brand

Come along on this daily journey with Chicago attorney Dave Scriven-Young to discover key principles in the areas of marketing, sales, and leadership.   This episode discusses Gary Vaynerchuk's Crushing It!, and the pillars upon which lawyers can build their personal brand.  The first pillar is intent--you're "why" for being a lawyer.
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