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What if you could get closer to Yeshua of Nazareth by learning about the Hebrew language and the Jewish context of the Bible? I think you can, and so does our global tribe! Shalom, I'm Izzy, the founder of Holy Language Institute. We're a Messianic Jewish ministry with thousands of students in over a hundred countries. We love the Bible and offer spiritual experiences in Hebrew, the language of the Torah/Old Testament. If our focus on following Yeshua in a Hebrew way resonates with you I invite you to subscribe, LEAVE A POSITIVE REVIEW, and check out the perks of membership at holylanguage.com.


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Title: For God so loved the world that he sent...Israel into exile.

For God so loved the world that he sent...Israel into exile.

December 31st, 1969

This is probably the closest I've come to crying on film. Yeshua and his Jewish people both experienced pain, rejection, and failure for the same reason… Go to Episode

After watching this you'll understand why Yeshua liked the Mount of Olives.

December 31st, 1969

In Yeshua's time the Mount of Olives had come to be called by another name which pointed to Messiah in startling ways. Was it any surprise he had so many… Go to Episode

Hebrew Quest Lesson 40 | 2 Kings 18 - Elijah and the False Prophets | Terms of Love and Friendship 6 - Romantic Lines from Song Of Songs

December 31st, 1969

Read the awe inspiring account of the showdown between Elijah the true prophet and the false prophets of Baal and Asherah. The best verses in Hebrew from… Go to Episode

Hebrew Quest Lesson 39 | Leviticus 23 - Appointed Times 2 | Terms of Love and Friendship 5 - Jewish Wedding

December 31st, 1969

Learn more about the feasts of the Lord, the appointed times of the God of Israel. List of Hebrew wedding terms used in a Jewish wedding. Go to Episode