Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast


Greek and Roman mythology: we all know the basics, but have you ever really considered how crazy some of the stories are? The gods did some pretty weird (and awful) things. In Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! a myth geek tells stories of different myths in a casual, contemporary, and straight-up blunt way. This isn't your average storytelling podcast: Liv focuses on Greek and Roman mythology's (mis)treatment of women, the insane things the gods did, and the all around incredible minds of the ancient world. I mean, how did they come up with this stuff? Gods, goddesses, heroes, monsters, and everything in between.


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Title: XLIX: Pobody's Nerfect, Odysseus & Polyphemus (The Odyssey Part 3)

XLIX: Pobody's Nerfect, Odysseus & Polyphemus (The Odyssey Part 3)

March 26th, 2019

It's time for part three of the Odyssey! Odysseus begins to tell his story... And so far it involves people who eat Lotus and a giant with one eye named… Go to Episode

BONUS! Next Door Villain Podcast: Medusa, featuring Liv

March 21st, 2019

What's this? A bonus! That's right, I did an episode of Next Door Villain where Joe, Tiana, and I discuss Medusa (oh, Medusa!). We talk about her story,… Go to Episode

Mini Myth: When a Girl Loves a Girl, Ovid's Iphis & Ianthe

March 19th, 2019

In the second Mini Myth of Women's History Month, I tell you the story of Iphis and Ianthe. A general mythology warning: far too many Greek myths… Go to Episode

XLVIII: It's All Calypso... Odysseus' Journey Begins (The Odyssey Part 2)

March 12th, 2019

In part two of the Odyssey, we finally find Odysseus on Calypso's island. He's being set free, but the adventure is just beginning...A general mythology… Go to Episode