Life Purpose Legacy with Tina M. Games


Life Purpose Legacy- will feature special guests from around the world who are living their life purpose legacy. Through these rich conversations, you'll discover a whole new way of "being" in all aspects of your life. You'll begin to understand that the many different pieces of you and your life are required to create the whole - and it's in the "whole" where huge ripples are created in the world, touching lives near and far in a positive and powerful way.


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Connecting with Divine Wisdom through Spirit Guides

"Connecting with Divine Wisdom through Spirit Guides" - Host Tina Games discusses spirit guides as a channel for divine wisdom and the many different forms these guides can take. She also touches on the varying ways that divine messages can channel through our spirit guides. Join Tina on September 13th for a rich dialogue with business intuitive, Terry Wildemann as they explore the many ways that spirit guides can show up in our lives and the divine wisdom they bring. Whether it's a business or career decision - or a relationship or family decision - or anything that affects us on a personal level, spirit guides are ready to help us. Are you ready to connect with your spirit guides? And are you ready to receive the wisdom they want to share? Tina and Terry share personal stories that illustrate the significant messages that show up through our spirit guides and how their divine wisdom can help enlighten our life purpose path.