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Life Purpose Legacy- will feature special guests from around the world who are living their life purpose legacy. Through these rich conversations, you'll discover a whole new way of "being" in all aspects of your life. You'll begin to understand that the many different pieces of you and your life are required to create the whole - and it's in the "whole" where huge ripples are created in the world, touching lives near and far in a positive and powerful way.


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Do You Feel Like an Imposter in Your Life or Business?

"Do You Feel Like an Imposter in Your Life or Business?" - Host Tina Games discusses the feelings that successful people have when internally, their view of personal success doesn't match what's going on in their external world. By all appearances, an individual may look successful, but inside they don't feel that way. Why is this? What patterns have created this inner conflict? And how does authenticity factor in? Join Tina on October 11th for a rich dialogue with personal and business development coach, Nina East as they delve into the Imposter Illusion - a term Nina coined to more accurately describe what is commonly referred to as the imposter syndrome. It's the belief that many successful people have that makes them think that their success is a fluke, that perhaps they aren't as smart, talented or deserving of success as everyone else thinks they are. The Imposter Illusion leads them into a state of worry, wondering when they'll be outed as an imposter, causing the house of cards to fall down (in their life or in their business). Are you feeling like an imposter in your life ? Are you feeling like an imposter in your business? Is it causing you to live with constant fear, worry and anxiety? Tina and Nina share personal stories that illustrate the Imposter Illusion and how it can keep us from living as our best selves. They'll share tips on how you can recognize the Imposter Illusion and how you can begin to release the hold it has on you.