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Life Purpose Legacy- will feature special guests from around the world who are living their life purpose legacy. Through these rich conversations, you'll discover a whole new way of "being" in all aspects of your life. You'll begin to understand that the many different pieces of you and your life are required to create the whole - and it's in the "whole" where huge ripples are created in the world, touching lives near and far in a positive and powerful way.


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How Ancient Wisdom Can Support Our Life Purpose Path

"How Ancient Wisdom Can Support Our Life Purpose Path" - What can we learn from our ancestors and from the spiritual history of other cultures? And how can we apply it to our current spiritual journey in a way that inspires greater awareness and deeper meaning? Join host Tina Games on October 25th for a rich dialogue with spiritual entrepreneur coach, Nat Couropmitree as they explore the gifts of ancient wisdom and how we can use them on our life purpose path. Whether it's a business or career decision - or a relationship or family decision - or anything that affects us on a personal level, ancient wisdom can serve as a beneficial tool. And when we combine it with the newest research, it enables us to experience transformation immediately - giving us clarity and freedom to release old limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward. Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Do you feel bound by the chaos around you? Have you been searching for answers on how to move forward, but keep finding yourself spinning your wheels? Tina and Nat share personal experiences that illustrate how ancient wisdom can help enlighten our life purpose journey, both personally and professionally - and how it can help us shift our current reality and move us forward on our purposeful path.