Life Purpose Legacy with Tina M. Games


Life Purpose Legacy- will feature special guests from around the world who are living their life purpose legacy. Through these rich conversations, you'll discover a whole new way of "being" in all aspects of your life. You'll begin to understand that the many different pieces of you and your life are required to create the whole - and it's in the "whole" where huge ripples are created in the world, touching lives near and far in a positive and powerful way.


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Taking Baby Steps Toward Authentic Living

"Taking Baby Steps Toward Authentic Living" - Host Tina Games touches on the power of authentic living and how it can create beautiful ripples in the world. She also recognizes the patterns that show up in our lives, keeping us stuck in an energy that doesn't move us forward. Join Tina on September 27th for a rich dialogue with creative entrepreneur coach, Nanette Saylor as they explore the magic of taking small steps toward a bigger vision that honors who we are as individuals, both personally and professionally. They also discuss the feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt - and share ways to manage it through journal writing. Are you ready to make a shift in your life to a more authentic way of being? Or are you feeling overwhelmed by the "bigness" of it all - and finding yourself stuck over how to bring it into fruition? Tina and Nanette share some of their best tips on how to manifest the life of your dreams in a way that's manageable, easy and graceful.