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Outlaw Jane (Rimrider Adventures) (Volume 2) Audiobook by L. A. Kelley

Title: Outlaw Jane (Rimrider Adventures) (Volume 2) Author: L. A. Kelley Narrator: Cassandra Richardson Format: Unabridged Length: 10 hrs and 10 mins Language: English Release date: 10-26-17 Publisher: L. A. Kelley Genres: Teens, History & Historical Fiction Publisher's Summary: Rimrider Adventures: Book 2 New friendships forged, old enemies emerge, and Jane Benedicts life takes an unexpected turn. The celebration of the victory at Golgotha has barely ended. The Freetrader Council tasks Jane to find the leewits and convince them to build an alliance with the colonists to destroy United Earth Corporations hold over Rimrock. With Gem at her side, Jane makes the difficult journey to their secret lair only to discover hidden dangers and a less-than-warm homecoming for Gem. Creating a pact with the alien race will be trickier than expected. Battling both perils in deep space and a horrific plot to crush the colonial rebellion on Rimrock, Jane and her friends dive into new adventures on the galactic rim. ©2016 Linda Kelley (P)2017 Linda Kelley Contact me for any questions: [email protected]