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#77: Why Personal Growth Needs A Feminist Analysis & Vise Versa

Today, I get real about why our personal growth/development needs a feminist analysis, and if it doesn't have one, then we can still be perpetuating oppression. Also, the reverse is true as well. Feminists and people in the activist/social justice world need personal growth just as much. We cannot have one without the other, and, in fact, one does not exist without the other. It's just a matter of bringing our attention to how inner growth and feminism/social change are already interconnected. 

Are you a deep feeler or sensitive soul and want to take your personal growth to the next level from a feminist lens and analysis? This is what my online course, Thrive & Shine, for feminist introverts, empaths and/or highly sensitive folks is all about! If you're ready to start thriving and shining in all areas of your life, then get started today! Just click below. 

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