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Are you pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? A new mom? Are you TRULY prepared for motherhood? Join Sunit Suchdev as she gets to the bottom of what it TRULY means to be prepared. Every week, listeners will learn what they should be thinking about before the baby comes and be inspired to implement what they have heard to redefine what it really means to be an awesome parent, and raise awesome kids, without losing your SELF.


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Episode 117-The Secret To Success in Anything

In today's official season premiere episode, Sunit kicks off September and this final quarter of the year by talking about the importance of a healthy mindset for success in ANYTHING in life. Whether it's losing weight once and for all, improving your relationships, your motherhood, or your business...nothing will move forward if your mindset doesn't. In today's episode Sunit shares the step by step daily changes outlined in her 30 day mindset shift challenge and also discusses her hopes for the future of the podcast!


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