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Are you pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? A new mom? Are you TRULY prepared for motherhood? Join Sunit Suchdev as she gets to the bottom of what it TRULY means to be prepared. Every week, listeners will learn what they should be thinking about before the baby comes and be inspired to implement what they have heard to redefine what it really means to be an awesome parent, and raise awesome kids, without losing your SELF.


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Episode 118-The Daily Dose-Balloon Breathing??

Today Sunit introduces "the daily dose"- a concept of giving you a short, "dose" of something that will help you in your day. A quick actionable tip that will help your day feel healthier and more high vibe!

Today's "daily dose" is a breathing exercise that is amazing for women of all ages, and kids too! If you've ever wanted to start meditating, or teach your kids to meditate, this is a great one to get started! You'll feel relaxed and recharged when you're done!


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