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Are you pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? A new mom? Are you TRULY prepared for motherhood? Join Sunit Suchdev as she gets to the bottom of what it TRULY means to be prepared. Every week, listeners will learn what they should be thinking about before the baby comes and be inspired to implement what they have heard to redefine what it really means to be an awesome parent, and raise awesome kids, without losing your SELF.


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Episode 123-Part 2-Flu Season and High Vibe Health with Dr Taylor Bean

In part 2 of this two part episode, Sunit and Naturopathic Doctor Taylor Bean continue to discuss what a Naturopathic Doctor is, and the trends they would like to see in healthcare in the future. They discuss staying healthy during flu season, flu shots, and empowerment when it comes to taking control of your health. Listen in as they share their favourite tips and tools for staying healthy, feeling empowered, and living in the highest health they can!


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