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My wife and I went from a negative net worth of $70,000 to no debt, thousands in savings, and a paid-for house. We did not win the lottery or receive an inheritance...we simply PAID ATTENTION - NOT INTEREST. I’ve been inspiring others to pay off their debt, live without credit cards, and avoid the distractions of building credit scores in order to build wealth instead. Below are 5 years of encouraging and educational episodes to help you spend wisely, save more, and escape the trappings of debt. More information at


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8 Great Mistakes of Investing and Fractional Savings Accounts - MPSOS198

OG (aka The Other Guy from Stacking Benjamins) joins me to share the 8 Great Mistakes in Investing:

  1. Under-diversification 

  2. Over-diversification 

  3. Euphoria 

  4. Panic 

  5. Leverage 

  6. Speculating 

  7. Investing for yield and not total return 

  8. Cost basis dictating decision 

Thanks to OG for coming over. You can find him at - my favorite podcast.

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Fractional and Automated Savings Accounts - are they a good idea?

Deanna Richardson from Richardson Accounting and Consulting, PLLC @ asked

“Have you heard of Digit? Seems like a great way to build up an emergency fund says it is free. Then their are bonuses for keeping $100 in it over 3 months. If I did my math right, the bonuses are over 2.5% interest (5 cents / week per $100). Would love to hear what you think.”

I tackle these new fractional, or automatic, savings accounts: Acorns, Digit and Betterment’s SmartDollar



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Listen to my interview with the creators of Acorns



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Testimony from Paula Pant (which kinda concerns me)



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