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My wife and I went from a negative net worth of $70,000 to no debt, thousands in savings, and a paid-for house. We did not win the lottery or receive an inheritance...we simply PAID ATTENTION - NOT INTEREST. I’ve been inspiring others to pay off their debt, live without credit cards, and avoid the distractions of building credit scores in order to build wealth instead. Below are 5 years of encouraging and educational episodes to help you spend wisely, save more, and escape the trappings of debt. More information at


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Title: What Happened To PerkStreet? – MPSOS120 [podcast]

Three things that help make you rich - MPSOS002

December 7th, 2010

There are three things anyone can do that will help lead them onto a path of financial freedom and become rich.   Also, Holla From The Impala: I'm Spoiled… Go to Episode

Episode 1: Welcome to the MoneyPlan SOS podcast

November 23rd, 2010

My name is Steve Stewart. I'm a Dave Ramsey Trained Counselor and I HATE YOUR DEBT MORE THAN YOU. For complete information and list of services visit… Go to Episode