Monster Crush


Dating can be hard - especially when your date is the legendary Bigfoot! Where do you take a guy like that? More importantly, where do you find a guy like that? You're in luck, because our crypto-woo-ologist, Heaven-Leigh, has a binder full of suitable candidates ready for one hell of a good time. Whether or not our bait, - er, bachelorette - Elly, survives is up to her. Who says love isn't without a few risks? RSS Feed URL

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Date 20 - Deep Sea Divin'

Our dates this week are a deep dive, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself because you. will. get. wet. And also drown. But hey, what's some light drowning between lovers? Featuring: [Warning: Two Sick Girls Incoming]; WeIRd NeeEEEWWS; Cat Infidelity; Horny Dolphins aka Dolphins; Sentence Construction Gone Wrong; Google Talks; Reverse Movies; Tiddyborn. 

Theme song by Seth David-Andrew Hubbard [Palmersmedic / Sender!]