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Dating can be hard - especially when your date is the legendary Bigfoot! Where do you take a guy like that? More importantly, where do you find a guy like that? You're in luck because our crypto-woo-ologists have a binder full of suitable candidates ready for one hell of a good time. Whether or not our bait survives is up to them. Who says love isn't without a few risks? RSS Feed URL

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Date 26 - Settlin' Down w/ Derek Sword!

This week, Heaven-Leigh is joined by Derek Sword to discuss spooky places! We joke a lot about sleeping with cryptids, but what about when you find The One and are looking for the spot to settle down and begin building your new life? You'll need some real estate, maybe some villagers, and very tolerant neighbors. We take a tour of some of the hottest and scariest places found across the world in search of a forever home. 

CW: Torture, genocide against Indigenous North Americans, racism, CSA, JK Rowling, cattle mutilation. Featuring: first dates!; werewolf facts; snowman criminals; occult Nazi rituals; mix n' match cryptids; a life without chocolate chip cookies; Satanic panic; hitchhiker stories; cow crimes; past deaths; spooked ghosts!.

Theme song by Seth David-Andrew Hubbard [Palmersmedic / Sender!]