Monster Crush


Dating can be hard - especially when your date is the legendary Bigfoot! Where do you take a guy like that? More importantly, where do you find a guy like that? You're in luck because our crypto-woo-ologists have a binder full of suitable candidates ready for one hell of a good time. Whether or not our bait survives is up to them. Who says love isn't without a few risks? RSS Feed URL

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Title: Date 34 - Part Man, Part Beast, All Lover

Date 26 - Settlin' Down w/ Derek Sword!

January 29th, 2020

This week, Heaven-Leigh is joined by Derek Sword to discuss spooky places! We joke a lot about sleeping with cryptids, but what about when you find The… Go to Episode

Date 25 - Interview Interlude with Lloyd Daylight!

November 13th, 2019

This episode is a bit unusual. Did we get sidetracked from what we meant to talk about? Yes, of course! Was it a lot of fun? I THINK SO! Heaven-Leigh… Go to Episode

Date 24 - We l o v e BIG BOYS!

September 25th, 2019

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and this episode is about some of our favorite big, big boys. The bigger the boy, the better the hug. That's the… Go to Episode

Date 23 - Sorry for the Ghost

August 28th, 2019

We really ghosted y'all for a second there, huh? But this episode is fresh and it's spppoooooookkkkkyyy! Ghosts galore! CW for possible animal abuse,… Go to Episode