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The podcast about being an iOS & OS X developer, current events and issues of interest to developers


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Title: Episode 311: A Big Long Wire

Episode 308: Big Sur: The Answer Is Yes

July 25th, 2020

We fact check on Babylon 5's Crusade, Apple's Hollyhill factory in Cork, and Sosumi. In follow up we discuss "break a leg", Apple's updates to coding… Go to Episode

Episode 307: The Most MTJC Bug Ever

July 19th, 2020

Friend of the show Dan sports an MTJC face mask and friend of the show Dee asks about CloudKit use. Canadians can now opt out of Clearview AI facial recognition,… Go to Episode

Episode 306: Transition Accomplished?

July 11th, 2020

We fact check on "Getting Sherlocked", Apple's three transitions, 2020 Apple Design Awards and Shapr3D. In the askMTJC Shawn and Greg also contribute… Go to Episode

Episode 305: WWDC 2020: The Missing Manual

July 4th, 2020

We fact check on Sherlock, Apple's 3 major transitions which we got two thirds correct, Scribble, WWDC demo apps, and port keys. In the follow up: First… Go to Episode