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Mouse and Weens navigateright Episode

E32 She’s Out, Childhood Stories, Acting and Murder

Mouse rips off her mask and
reveals her identity to be Joelle Eggold Kohn. Ahh it feels good to not have a
secret anymore! We also talk a bit about our up and coming famous cousin, Ryan
Eggold, on NBC’s New Amsterdam, which launches us into childhood memories and
adventures – spying, trapping the neighborhood boy with lipstick and Brut,
booger boy, classroom crushes gone wrong, and reunions. Weens explains her New
York acting experience and recounts a murder right outside her house. We end on
varmints, stories about them and a shoutout to the Varmints! podcast! Song
credit: “Rainy Sunday” by Weens aka Julianne Eggold.