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Mouse and Weens navigateright Episode

E39 - Worst Dates

Our holiday catch-up
includes Idaho, Cowboy Denny, sledding, sleighs, elk and parties. We also get
into the LA scene, and the difference between there and the San Diego suburbs. By
the way, we are making Weens’ New Year’s Resolution to promote herself! On the
horizon are February events with the Bad At Love Podcast co-host Tamu, and
another event by our podcast pals at My Worst Date Podcast. Speaking of worst
dates, hear Mouse’s near-pee experience with a cute surfer boy, and Weens’ night
with a lab coat wearing bone scientist. We move into the car as we go on a San
Diego tour and chat with our friend, Bachata Jen. She gives us the skinny on the
New York dating scene, both with online guys and with movers, and has some
great stories and perspectives.

Promo: My Worst Date

Song credit: “Go Find A
Dish” by Julianne Eggold.