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Mouse and Weens navigateright Episode

E42 - The Grass is Greener, Wiener!

It’s Superbowl Sunday and raining gophers in Southern
California! As we catch up on mom life and work life, we realize we want to switch
roles a la Freaky Friday. Weens wants
the excitement of kids, and Mouse wants a vacation from all the juggling. We discuss
the transition from stay at home mom to getting back into the work force,
finding purpose in your job, both paid and volunteer, and how to draw the line
between the giving of and charging for your time. Mouse struggles with drawing
the line on social media on her phone in front of the kids too and Weens
explains simplifying her life. We get sidetracked by Bert and Ernie, Carol
Channing, and then reminisce about our boobies first growing, first tampons,
and our PE teacher/actor dad playing sports with us after school while
rehearsing scenes. Again, another Henson sidetrack gets us talking about Sesame Street and exposure to races and
nationalities growing up in predominantly white suburbs. We end hearing a very
spiritual dream that Mouse had about the afterlife, a possible message from
dad, and a utopian society which reminds Weens of an Albert Brooks movie and
some near-death experiences she has studied. Alan Alda also pops in at the end
to give sage advice. We hope you enjoy this funny but serious, light but meaningful
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Song Credit: Ernie and Bert by Julianne