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E43 - Love Stories

How I met your father! Mouse tells the story of
how she and hubby Dave got together. It was a bumpy ride but could be made into
a rom com screenplay. Our mom gives us her country line dancing romance with Cowboy
Denny and we get some nuggets of love advice on Valentine’s Day. And Weens
shares a hilarious story about a foolproof way that she met some guys, one of
whom is still her friend who has no idea that he was part of an experiment! We
also collected love stories from our podcasting friends at Deconstructing
, #NoOffense,
Happens When You Party Naked
, We Do
, Hugo’s
, My
Worst Date
, The
LitFlix Podcast
, One
Star Bazaar
, Her
American Story
, and You
Watch, I Listen
. Through it all, loving yourself is the greatest love of
all. Apologies for the horrible karaoke.
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