My Body Has Dreams and Nightmares


My Body Has Dreams and Nightmares is a podcast dedicated to exploring the dreambody experience of chronic pain and chronic illness, especially invisible illness, and to increasing the quality of life through depth psychology and body symptom work. Your host, Jeanell Innerarity, is a somatic educator and process oriented facilitator who has been on her own journey with tick-borne illness and multiple genetic syndromes affecting her connective tissue, nervous system, and immune system. She works actively with dreams and body symptoms to bring to light the deeper meaning of each person's life myth and superpowers that emerge in relationship to these ongoing challenges.


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Title: How Dreams and Body Symptoms Intertwine with Jeanell Innerarity Episode 001

How Dreams and Body Symptoms Intertwine with Jeanell Innerarity Episode 001

November 8th, 2017

Introduction to your host, Jeanell Innerarity, through her lifemyth dreams and chronic body symptoms. You'll learn how you can apply early childhood dreams… Go to Episode

Fascia and Injury Recovery: Interview with Kevin Hartley Episode 002

November 9th, 2017

In-depth interview on fascia and injury recovery from the perspective of an experience massage therapist who has also recovered from major, life-changing… Go to Episode

Social Justice, Mental Health, and Chronic Pain with Makinie Soverall Episode 003

November 19th, 2017 A candid interview with Seattle Marriage and Family Therapist Makinie Soverall. We talk about empowering clients… Go to Episode

Making Your Body Map to Understand the Deeper Message of Body Symptoms Episode 004

December 3rd, 2017

In this episode we practice making a body map to see what symptoms in the body want attention, what messages the body has for us, and what the deeper… Go to Episode