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Nicolás Villa presents Electronic Unfoldings Episode 014 | My Personal Top 25 Tunes of 2019 Mix

Welcome to my 14th episode of Electronic Unfoldings! The year is about to reach a close, it’s time for my annual Top 25 Tunes of 2019 mix, this time with the Electronic Unfoldings format! These lists aren’t 100% accurate since my taste varies through time, also sometimes I subsequently discover or grow fonder of amazing tracks from previous years – it is almost impossible to expose yourself to every track that was released throughout the year.  However, I try my best to be as precise as possible! I’m also glad that this year I was able to include 3 Psy-Trance tracks, Psy-Trance has really grown on me for the past few years! I try to keep my list as Trancey as possible. I didn’t include Progressive, Deep Prog, Hardstyle, or any type of House in this mix, I just feel that it doesn’t really fit and is hard to compare with tracks from different electronic genres. Nevertheless, here are some honorable mentions:

Elypsis & Taglo - Swimming With Sirens

Steve Slight - Helleborus

Dhany G - The Past Behind Your Back

Guy J - Synthopia

Cristoph feat. Jem Cooke - Slowly Burning 2019

Ben Böhmer, Nils Hoffmann & Malou - Breathing

Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Moren - Breathe

Kölsch & Sasha - The Lights

Headhunterz - Home

Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body (Twisted Melodiez Hardstyle Bootleg)

Now here, I present to you my official Top 25 list:

25. Paul Arcane & Sodality - Epsilon

24. Ilan Bluestone feat. EL Waves - Mama Africa

23. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Factor B - Synergy

22. Paul van Dyk vs. Vini Vici - Galaxy

21. Stoneface & Terminal feat. Ava Kay - Free Time (Dan Stone Remix)

20. Dustin Husain & Blue5even - Enchanted River

19. Factor B feat. Cat Martin - Crashing Over

18. Junk Project - Braintool (Lost In Noise Remix)

17. Abraxis - Old Gods

16. Liquid Soul & Protonica feat. Ljuuba - Levitate

15. Alex Wright - Terminus

14. Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Theme (XiJaro & Pitch Endgame Remix)

13. Armin van Buuren feat. Bonnie McKee - Lonely For You (ReOrder Remix)

12. Aly & Fila - It’s All About The Melody

11. Aly & Fila vs. The Noble Six - Moonlit

10. The Noble Six - Ocean Planet

9. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Panama

8. Eloquentia - Reflection of You

7. Sean Tyas - Chrome

6. Activa & Simon Bostock - Contour

5. Atlantis - Fiji (ReOrder Remix)

4. Dark Echo - Day 22

3. Andrew Bayer - Voltage Control

2. Ahmed Romel & Simon O’Shine - The Love Potion

1. FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery - Dancing In The Rain [UNFOLDING OF THE YEAR]

Thank you all so much, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and have a great rest of the week!

Next week I’ll be releasing my End of the Year Mix, it won’t be as long as my previous EOTY mixes, but this one will illustrate what I would play “Trance-wise” at an awesome gig if I had a timeslot from 11:00 p.m. – Midnight on December 31st