Hello Beloved! This podcast focuses on spiritual and self care. Nissi, the host of this podcast, wanted to create an open and honest space for discussions about Christianity, faith, self care, mental health, and life in general. Each episode has a spiritual component, self care component and time to answer questions you can send to [email protected] Listen and take care of yourself.


MY STRENGTH AND MY SHIELD navigateright Episode

Episode 2 - The One About Chaos

There are moments in our lives that seem chaotic and turbulent. Despite our best efforts, we struggle to find peace. In these moments of chaos, we find it difficult to see God. When we feel chaos all around us, it may feel like God is not with us. For those who have a relationship with God, we know the comfort of having God create a sense of peace and calm that lets us know God's presence. In that absence of peace, we often assume an absence of God as well.

This week's podcast focuses on seeking God through the chaos. The world tells us that God is a god of order. It is a simple concept to say, but when we are struggling with our faith, it seems hard to believe. If God is a god of order, how can we explain the wars and natural disasters that happen? If God is a god of order, how can we explain when good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people? Further, if God is a god of order, how can we rationalize the chaotic situations we end up in in our personal lives?

I encourage you to lean into these questions. Ask these questions, and seek the answers in the word. Despite the confusion and things that go wrong, the word is clear that it is not God's intention to have to world in disorder. I encourage you to seek God in these times of confusion so that you may understand that chaos in our personal lives is often a sign that we are pushing ourselves away from God. The closer we get to God, the closer we get to order.


As you listen to the podcast this week, read along with "Nissi's Notes" for the verses we'll discuss this week. In addition, there is a section titled "Self Work." Because this podcast focuses self care and spiritual care, I will always emphasize the reflective work we have to do with ourselves. So often we are confused by what is going on in our lives and we feel like life is happening to us beyond our control. Self awareness requires us to understand the things that we do to contribute to what happens in our life. These questions will help you reflect on your own actions and hopefully push you to both understand God and yourself.