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A Self-Care Storytelling Podcast. Based on True Stories. An Empowerment, Self Improvement Relating Podcast. Use this Podcast as a guide of what “Not” to do • REAL Stories About Heartbreaks, Break-ups, Divorces, Dating, Co-Parenting, Relationships and Learning to Heal & Love Yourself with Self-Care.

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EP 006: If You Want Something Different, You Must Do Something Different, On Purpose. EFT Tapping

EP 006: If you want something different, you must do something different on purpose... Today’s episode is an interview with book author and Therapist Phyllis Ginsberg! Www.PhyllisGinsberg.Com . Her new book “tired and hungry no more” recently published this year 2019 and is out on Amazon, kindle and bookstores. This episode is about EFT tapping therapy and learning how to reprogram your brain, reprogram your thoughts to release the emotional component that is attached of a traumatic, hurtful event you might of experienced. In this episode I explain how I am trying my best, not to self -sabotage my future because of my past. Subscribe, Comment and Follow!


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