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EP 009: So... I Got Dumped. -Exes Who Egg Your Car. -My Vegas Bikini Contest Win Story.

This episode we are talking about how Angie got dumped by Jasper 2.0. When guys block you and owe you money. We’re talking about Angie’s big fat check from winning 2nd place for Miss Pleasure Pool @ Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Also, we’re going to talk about my friend Betty and how she got her car egged by her ex. Angie will be in Texas the weekend of June 29 for a modeling gig. Also, thank you to all the listeners! You are all amazing! Please don’t forget to subscribe and rate a 5 star. Follow on Instagram @MyUglyTruthPodcast. Contact email is [email protected] #vegas #igotdumped #gettingblocked #modeling #bikinicontest #planethollywood. - #podcoin podcoin


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