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EP04: My Friend Breakup. Everyone is Going To Hurt You, Just Got To Find Ones Worth Suffering Over

Angie talks about her relationship with her best friend and also the stepmother of her children. One of the biggest heartbreaks Angie had, was the end of this friendship in 2016. Going through a child custody battle in court and having a huge evidence that she privately shared with her best friend, used against her from the one person she didn’t expect to turn her back on her. Jasper and Angie faced horrible situations with people who were against them and at the end, Angie lost her best friend and few months later, She lost Jasper. Everyone needs to have a motivation in life to keep going and times Angie found herself on the floor of her bathroom, She admits that her boys were the only motivation to get up every morning, keep going and Not give up! ::::Famous Quote of this Podcast is in this Episode:::: “If I didn’t have her in my life, I was missing him... If I didn’t have him in my life, I was missing her and at the worst breakdown of my life, I was missing both of them...”


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