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A Self-Care Storytelling Podcast. Based on True Stories. An Empowerment, Self Improvement Relating Podcast. Use this Podcast as a guide of what “Not” to do • REAL Stories About Heartbreaks, Break-ups, Divorces, Dating, Co-Parenting, Relationships and Learning to Heal & Love Yourself with Self-Care.

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EP048:Oh Honey, You Can’t Fix Yourself By Trying To Break Someone Else. Back on My B.S.

On this episode: Angie talks about a situation that happened last week with Basic Becky arguing with Angie. Angie plays a reading clip, at the end this expo side, that explains this exact story of what happened with Basic Becky going off on Angie. Angie got to see that some people can be pretty from the outside but can be really ugly in the inside. Women that shame other women, especially with body image, is a disgrace to our humanity. Angie explains how Basic Becky dug deep into emotionally manipulating her by bringing up some wounds from Angie past. Listen to the full story and don’t forget the clip at the end! FB/Instagram: @MyUglyTruthPodcast
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