Mythical Minstrelsy and Flash Fiction Fridays


Mythical Minstrelsy and Flash Fiction Fridays will focus on flash fictions centering around folklore, myth, fantasy, and magic that I have written or have been sent to me for publication. Book reviews will also be published. Author, editor, illustrator, publisher, poet, and rpg site owner interviews are planned for in the future. The episodes are intentionally short due to the nature of flash fiction. Reviews tend to go up on Wednesdays, Flashfictions on Fridays, Interviews Sundays.

If you wish YOUR poetry, short fiction, or flash fictions to be included on the podcast, or to be interviewed, please see Podcast Submissionsl for details. Featured work is paid, interviews are not.

I am the author of the "Selkies' Skins" and "Dragon Shaman" series. I also write poetry, illustrate, and do some narration. I also run a small publishing company, THG StarDragon Publishing.

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Strange Stories from the Lodge of Leisures: Deceiving Shadows

Today's reading is a short story entitled "Deceiving Shadows" from "Strange Stories from the Lodge of Leisures." A young man enters a haunted pavilion to disprove superstition. The next day an old man emerges. This book is credited to Songling Pu and is freely available online via

Narrator: Teresa Garcia

This is the first recording made using my new Rode Go lavalier, joining my Zoom H2n and my Tascam TH-02 headphones. Processing was done in Audacity.