Myths and Legends


Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.


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Title: 169-1001 Nights: A Bottle of Djinn

Myths and Legends Trailer

April 27th, 2015

A little bit about what to expect when you listen to Myths and Legends.   Subscribe using your favorite podcast app:… Go to Episode

1A-Knights of the Round Table: Yvainglory

April 30th, 2015

This week on the Myths and Legends podcast, I’ll introduce the show and discuss what it’ll be about. Then, we’ll start right in on the story of… Go to Episode

1B-Knights of the Round Table: You’re So Yvain

May 6th, 2015

This week, we're continuing the story of Yvain, a knight of King Arthur's court who we left in a very bad spot. He'll find an ally within the castle walls,… Go to Episode

1C-Knights of the Round Table: The Lion Knight Rises

May 13th, 2015

In this episode, you'll see that you should definitely interfere if you see two apex predators fighting to the death in the wilderness. We'll finish the… Go to Episode