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The NECROLOGIST NEWS NETWORK is a monthly radio play podcast featuring original horror stories by Sean Parker ( presented in the style of a newscast. Chief necrologist, Mortimer Moribund, along with his co-anchor, Morticia Morrigan, report on the town of Occidendum highlighting a new original story of terror each month.

***DISCLAIMER: The Necrologist News Network podcast contains explicit content in the form of language, implied horror violence, and sexual content. For this reason, we suggest this podcast for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY***

Podcast Produced & Edited by Helena Lee
All Original Works Written & Directed by Sean Parker RSS Feed URL

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101 - The Kid Who Kried Klown

In the premiere episode of "Necrologist News Network," Mortimer Moribund and Morticia Morrigan report on the ghastly disappearance of a local child whose Missing Persons Report reads like another cry for wolf until evidence of blood splatter and confetti left at the crime scene catapult the case to the center ring. Also featuring updates on Occidendum's richest, economical stats on after-holiday toy demand, and the latest scores in sportsball!

Written & Directed by Sean Parker. Performed by Kevyn Marshall, Persephone Atredies, and Kevin Keppy. Hosted by Sean Parker as Mortimer Moribund & Helena Lee as Morticia Morrigan.

MUSIC: "Kilbob's Theme" & "Kilbob's Evil Theme" composed by Dustin Farris. "Children Laughing" provided by All other sound effects obtained from https://www/ via a Creative Commons license. 

LOGO: Kevyn Marshall

Produced & Edited by Helena Lee

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***Next episode coming Friday, February 15, 2019***